Workers Comp for Continuing Care Retirement Communities

Continuing Care Retirement Communities help aging citizens lead healthy and happy lives through providing retirement homes, assisted living facilities, and nursing homes in one location. Employees of CCRCs are eligible for CCRC Workers Comp to ensure that appropriate care is available if they incur any on-the-job injury. The type of employee depends on at which on-site facility the employee works.

An assisted living community often employs the largest variety of staff due to the residentsU active lifestyle. Workers compensation covers these employees, who work such jobs as food service, security, and office support staff. Assisted living facilities employ physical therapists, nurses, and dentists, in order to help older residents who require more assistance. Nursing homes provide the most comprehensive hands-on assistance, and these positions are also often the most labor-intensive.

Employees of CCRCs can suffer certain injuries such as sprains and strains from moving or repositioning patients, burns or cuts from kitchen work, or infections from treating patientsU health. Other, less industry specific injuries can also occur, like falls, accidents from malfunctioning equipment, or overexertion.

Providing care for aging citizens is ever important. Many people who seek employment in CCRCs do so because they care about the older generation. A quality retirement community will offer competitive CCRC workers comp to its employees in order to ensure their continued health if they get injured on the job.