Why You Need Flood Insurance in Michigan

If you own a home in Michigan, chances are you carry good homeowners insurance. However, your flood protection may be lacking. Some homes may be required to carry flood insurance, but it’s important to understand that flooding can happen anywhere, even in areas not typically considered high-risk. After the major flooding that occurred in Michigan in June of 2021, it is more improtant than ever to carry comprehensive flood insurance in Michigan.

Why Is Flood Insurance So Important?

Water damage can be absolutely devastating for a home, as anyone who has experienced even a relatively minor pipe leak knows. Even a small amount of water can warp floors, destroy drywall, make electrical systems unsafe, and ultimately cause a major renovation to be needed.

Most homeowners insurance policies do not include insurance for floods, meaning you need to take out an extra or supplementary policy to ensure you’re covered in the event of water damage. Given the possibility for highly damaging flooding, the benefits of carrying thorough flood insurance in Michigan well outweigh the risks of waiting.

After a bad storm or severe weather event, it simply may be too late. Talking to a reputable insurer about flood coverage in Michigan will ensure peace of mind now and financial stability if a disaster occurs.