Why You Need Dog Bite Insurance

The number of Americans who need emergency treatment for dog bite injuries is higher than you might think –¬†about a thousand each day – and it’s increasing. It’s easy to think that your dog will never bite anyone. Unfortunately, the reality is that dog bite liabilities can be created by even the most loved, and loving, dog.

Although dogs may be our best friends, their animal instincts will sometimes cause them to act out in unexpected ways. Dogs can bite even in seemingly ordinary situations with your dog. A dog may bite if it’s injured or sick, protecting a possession, or even just engaging in overly rough play. Children, who are closer to a dog’s level, are particularly vulnerable. They may unwittingly act in ways that prompt dogs to bite. For example, a child may accidentally step on or startle an otherwise docile pet, resulting in a bite.

If your dog bites someone, whether it’s a family member or guest in your home, or a stranger on the street, you may be held liable for your dog’s actions. Dog bite liabilities can cost you and your family a significant amount of money, not to mention the added stress. Dog bite insurance is one way to protect yourself against liability for your dog’s actions. Purchasing a dog bite policy can give you and your family peace of mind knowing that you’re covered in the event that your dog ever does bite someone.

For responsible dog owners, taking the simple step of making sure to get dog bite coverage is a logical way to protect themselves and their pets.