Why You Need a Strategic Restaurant Server Training Program

The restaurant business is the business of hospitality. Meaningful connections with guests best describe its expression. You achieve these connections to people through people, primarily through your servers. Thus, it is critical to your success that you implement a strategic restaurant server training program to ensure your guests experience the best of what you have to offer.

Key Components of Your Restaurant Server Training Program

Servers are a critical factor in the guest experience. They represent you and your values to customers. Best practices for equipping servers to communicate these values effectively include the following:

  • Brand your vibe! Teach your servers the art of customer interaction that is unique to your restaurant. This includes greeting, serving and saying goodbye to customers.
  • Demonstrate performance of technology and equipment relevant to their roles and ensure their proficiency in using them.
  • Thoroughly explain your menu and how it relates to your brand and then, test their knowledge.
  • Create a pathway for meaningful career development. Turn your best servers into quality trainers and pay them more.
  • Provide servers an employee handbook that outlines your values, protocols and expectations. This is a great reference tool.

Hospitality is an artform unique to every restaurant. Train your servers to create an appealing visual of your brand to customers to ensure a quality guest experience and repeat business.