Why Should My Company Offer an Employee Assistance Plan?

It is the hope of all compassionate business owners that their employees are satisfied with their positions, that they feel appreciated and appropriately compensated for their work and that they have access to programs that will help to meet their emotional and professional needs.

Many employers choose to make Employee Assistance Plans available to their workers. But what do these entail?

A Brighter Future

An Employee Assistance Plan or EAP is a program that offers workers the opportunity to gain additional help either for personal matters or workplace-related issues. With an EAP, employees can have access to free, confidential mental health assessments as well as counseling services. For example, some Employee Assistance Plans give workers access to five free therapy visits per year (these plans can vary). This is an extraordinary value for employees, as these services can be expensive on their own.

Employees usually appreciate an EAP greatly, as it shows that the employer cares enough to provide a program that offers additional assistance where necessary. Difficulties such as substance abuse and personal trauma can be confidentially addressed with an EAP, helping workers to become more mentally and emotionally stable.

If you’re considering offering an EAP to your employees, just know that these programs are highly valued and that your workers will have quick and easy access to mental health treatment.