Why EPLI Is Valuable for Public Officials

Employment Practices Liability Insurance covers various claims of wrongful acts that occur while people perform their job duties. Public officials face many potential legal risks while serving their communities. EPLI for public and government officials mitigates the expenses associated with lawsuits.

How Does EPLI Coverage Protect Public Officials?

EPLI covers lawsuits alleging legal rights violations against government entities and their volunteers or employees. It helps pay for legal costs associated with various types of claims that may include:

  • Sexual harassment
  • Mismanagement of grants, funds or budgets
  • Failure to protect public trust
  • Invasion of privacy
  • Discrimination
  • Zoning decision claims
  • Improper denying or granting of permits or licenses
  • Employment-related slander
  • Breach of duty
  • Retaliation

Is EPLI Included in Public Officials Liability Coverage?

EPLI is often an add-on to workers’ compensation or public officials’ liability insurance, but it can be a stand-alone policy. Having it as a separate coverage preserves the limits available for other claims. It protects both government institutions and the individuals who act on their behalf, giving civil-service employees the ability to carry out professional obligations without undue concern about potential risks.

Government employees’ responsibility is complex and requires proper management and adequate safeguards to handle the many aspects of their jobs. Obtaining EPLI for public and government officials minimizes the risks that are part of a community-serving job.