What You Need To Do Before Sailing Into Mexican Waters

When you own a boat, you have the luxury of setting off for adventure whenever the spirit strikes you. Part of this includes being able to sail to new shores, including those that fall outside of the borders of your home country. If you live in the United States and want to enter Mexican waters, you absolutely need to think about your insurance. A standard American policy is not enough to protect your boat when handling international scenarios.

A Separate Policy

One point you need to understand about your insurance coverage is that you need two separate policies to enter the water near the Mexican coast. Essentially, Mexican liability boat insurance extends the standard policy you have to include events that occur when you have exited waters controlled by the United States and entered Mexican territories. Since your average liability possible will not protect you in the event of an accident in international waters, you absolutely need to take out additional policies to protect yourself. Other areas to consider include:

  • Coverage in the event of bodily injury
  • Local requirements for insurance
  • Type of boat or PWC

Find the Best Fit

Heading off for new horizons on your boat is a lot easier when you have insurance coverage that offers peace of mind. Learn what you need to know in order to stay protected no matter where the winds take you.