What Makes Courier Vehicle Insurance Unique?

Practically any industry could wind up needing commercial vehicle policies to cover a fleet. Even smaller operations like single location restaurants or stores sometimes invest in a couple of company vans or trucks for location vending, deliveries, or even running for stock pickups when a supplier does not deliver. In the transportation industry, though, these policies need to be different. Not only is the vehicle investment part of the business’s core operational equipment, the niche that business fills in the industry dictates a lot of the necessary coverage.

Coverage Built Around Couriers

Last mile delivery companies and same day cross-town couriers provide timely services delivering what are often incredibly sensitive documents or goods. They are used to carry everything from financial paperwork that closes deals to, in the case of some specialized transportation companies, human organs and tissue for transplant. That means in addition to commercial auto coverage, courier vehicle insurance needs to cover:

  • Cargo insurance for all goods carried
  • Property, liability, and risk insurance to protect the business owner
  • Employment insurance, including workers compensation
  • General liability protection

Depending on your operation, your company may also need additional areas of coverage. These represent the basics offered within courier insurance programs, but if additional policy areas are needed most specialty programs have options to easily fill your needs. Call for a quote from one of those programs to learn more.