Using Hospice Community Insurance to Protect From Abuse and Crime

Hospice care is provided to those whose medical conditions cannot be cured and have approximately six months or less to live. In this delicate condition, dedicated professionals step in to provide care for the person with the life limiting illness as well as their family. They are there to make the process as comfortable as possible for everyone. As with any medical service, however, there are certain risks involved. With hospice community insurance, the risks that are unique to this type of care can be covered.


Professional liability is one of the most basic forms of insurance available to those seeking out hospice services. This accounts for administrative errors by a staff member that results in an injury to the patient. Abuse liability in hospice community insurance policies is protection from physical harm due to the negligence of a caregiver, which includes both physical and sexual abuse. Crime insurance is important with in home care, as it covers any property that may be stolen by an employee. Aside from theft and robbery, it also protects from general dishonesty, embezzlement, forgeries and computer fraud.


Even with the rigorous hiring standards of hospice workers, it is still a sad reality that people take advantage of the weak and vulnerable. In an emotional time, having an added worry that a loved one might be at risk of harm can be tremendously difficult to handle. Hospice care is meant to aid patients and their families in the emotional and spiritual aspects of death and mourning, not add more stress. Enjoying the peace of mind that everything is protected under hospice community insurance can offer more time to spend with your family.