Top Claims Against Law Firms

mid size law firm legal malpractice insurance

Legal malpractice claims happen often in the legal system. Due to how common it is, law firms need mid size law firm legal malpractice insurance. Without it, the costs of a legal battle and potential damages can seriously impact a law firm.

Conflict of Interest

A malpractice claim that you’re likely to see is conflict of interest. If you represent multiple clients, you are open to conflict of interest because you represent different perspectives. For instance, in an accident case, if you represent the passenger and driver, these claims are common.

Fee Dispute

One of the more common claims comes from fee disputes. If a firm isn’t transparent about their fee structure, it’s a recipe for disaster. Clients need to know upfront about fees or else it turns into a claim.

Communication Mishap

If a client thinks that you didn’t relay the right information related to a case, then these claims appear. Nowadays, there is no reason not to stay in contact with a client. Miscommunication is common, however, so attorneys need insurance to have their backs.

Your law firm doesn’t deserve to go under due to allegations or legal claims. If you have mid size law firm legal malpractice insurance then you can have peace of mind. No matter what happens, you have the protection to fight claims.