The Top Local SEO Tips To Help Your Insurance Agency Promote Business in Your Area

Your insurance company may have already launched a search engine optimization, or SEO, campaign to increase business nationwide, but have you thought about trying more local SEO methods to garner business in your area? If not, there are several reasons to try implementing local SEO for insurance, from building a loyal customer base locally to gaining exposure and more. Here’s what you can do to promote business in your area via your SEO strategy.

Update Your Company Contact Information in Local Directories

In order to have your website found in your area, it’s important to keep all of your company information up to date. Remember to:

  • Keep your company name, phone number, store address and more consistent across your website and all other websites you post information on
  • Update all data directories for company pages on sites such as Yelp, TripAdvisor, Facebook, Google, and more
  • Maintain current citations and backlinks

Craft Relevant Local Content To Attract Extra Clicks

You can attract more local customers by posting relevant, local content. Garner more clicks by:

  • Writing up unique pages for each store location
  • Optimizing your content for your intended readership
  • Researching hot keywords in your area to incorporate into your content

If your agency is currently making a push to promote business in your area, implementing several different local SEO for insurance companies strategies can help you reach your goal. To try this method, make sure to update company information in key directories and to craft locally relevant content.