The Power of a Blog or Landing Page in Insurance Marketing

Blogs have gone from the online family journal to one of the most effective online marketing tools available. When considering marketing ideas for insurance agents, give thought to a blog or landing page as a way to drive readers to your site. Content, and keywords are key to a successful blog.


In order to keep and increase readership, blog content must be:

  • Engaging
  • Original, or presented originally
  • Attractive to those unfamiliar with your company

With the popularity of blogs comes the need for yours to stand out among the rest. When considering blog content, aim not just to sell a product, but to engage your readers in a personal, applicable way. This will ensure that familiar and new readers alike remain interested in your content. Use news stories or national trends as starting point, and then craft content that relates the story or trend specifically to your reader and your product.


A blog can be interesting, informative and well written and still struggle to attract new readership. Correct SEO keywords and proper keyword densities are essential in driving new clientele to your landing page. Consulting an insurance marketing firm is a great way to optimize your keywords and increase site traffic. Professionals can help you utilize a blog and other marketing ideas for insurance agents that allow you to stay connected with current clientele and attract new customers.