The Affordable Care Act and Home Health Care

When the Obama administration set out to overhaul the American healthcare system, the hope was that tens of millions of Americans who had no health insurance could finally access care. The administration also intended to improve the quality of care while reducing costs. In some instances, the program worked well, but as for the case of the Affordable Care Act and home health care, the results are less clear.

What Is Home Health Care? 

Many people in America receive essential health services in their homes, and these services fall under the banner of home health care. Specific agencies oversee at-home care services and coordinate between doctors and patients to ensure that the services are safe and that registered nurses and caregivers are available for patients. 

How Does the ACA Affect Home Health Care? 

The ACA did allow previously uninsured people to gain access to health insurance, which meant they were able to safeguard their own health in new ways. Yet, because of the focus on reducing spending, some home health agencies may have had to cut staff and reduce services. This problem makes it unclear whether the ACA’s benefits outweigh the possible negative impacts. 

The ACA was groundbreaking for its time, but a lack of convincing data regarding its cost-saving benefits remains.