Is Your Service Organization at Risk?

As the leader of a Boys and Girls Club, you may be focused on helping others in your communities, but it is also important to place some of your focus on protecting your club and your volunteers. As service providers in the community, you have a unique need for comprehensive protection and assistance. With the right insurance coverage, such as that of Care Providers, you will be able to serve your local community and the at-risk youth who participate in your programs. Just as you recognize the changing needs of your group, you need to know that your insurance provider is also aware of the situations and risks that your organization faces.


A strong protection plan offers you the opportunity to encourage the youth to stretch and grow beyond their current situations with confidence. The right coverage protects the members of your staff and each of your volunteers, as well as your clients. Don’t risk the well-being of your services because of injuries, accidents, and other calamities. Instead, make sure that your organization is covered by the right insurance plan.


You can prevent financial disasters by working with a qualified agent who is willing to provide risk assessments and solutions for your group. Other valuable aspects of protection include loss control, a payment plan designed for non-profit groups, and professionals with claims expertise in the world of non-profits. Agents should have in-depth knowledge concerning the specific challenges that your club faces, including liability exposure and coverage for property damages. Look for an insurance provider such as Care Providers to make sure that your organization is protected by insurance, so that you can continue offering valuable services to your community.