Protect Your Bottom Line With Commercial Launderers Insurance

If you own a dry cleaner’s, laundromat, linen supply or uniform rental operation, you’re aware that the health of your business depends on a steady volume. Any process interruption can mean increased backlog and profit loss. Consider how commercial launderers insurance protects your business from inherent risks.

A typical policy includes coverages that protect various aspects of your operations. The business interruption portion covers property damage such as from a fire, but also reimburses loss of profits due to utility (e.g. water or power) outages until either service is restored or the policy limit is reached. Additional coverages come from general liability, boiler and machinery, business auto, umbrella and worker’s compensation. A pollution liability option is available to protect building owners against environmental lawsuits, such as from the leaching of solvents into soil and groundwater. Customized coverages also protect consumer property from incidents of damage or disappearance.

As technologies and consumer demands change, new liabilities also appear, so coverage can include protection for delivery services and storage facilities and even against data breaches. When shopping for commercial launderers insurance, be sure to choose a company backed by top-rated carriers, which can help you to analyze and minimize all risks unique to your business and with a reputation for excellent customer service and claims processing.