Professional Risks in Portable Sanitation

The portable sanitation industry is growing, thanks to growth in the industries that depend upon it, like construction and agriculture. While the work isn’t as obviously risky as building a high rise, the installation, maintenance and teardown of a portable sanitation unit can be surprisingly hazardous. Workers Comp for the Portable Sanitation Industries is unfortunately a more complicated issue than business owners might like.

Safety Concerns Specific to Portable Sanitation

Workers routinely use heavy equipment, engage in strenuous physical activity, handle industrial chemicals and manage waste. This work gives rise to a variety of common claims. Some can be quite serious and put an injured worker out of action indefinitely.

  • Chemical burns and respiratory ailments
  • Sprains, breaks and concussions during loading, unloading, setup and teardown
  • Traffic accidents during transit
  • Illness from waste-born pathogens
  • Inclement weather that can aggravate any of the ordinary hazards of the job
  • Often-chaotic work locations at construction sites and farms that introduce independent safety hazards, like uneven terrain, falling objects or agricultural chemicals

Portable sanitation is an essential service that has its own distinct set of concerns from a workers’ compensation point of view. When selecting an insurance policy, make sure your carrier understands your work and respects it, and has experience handling the kinds of claims you may have to make. This will save you money, minimize lost time for your workers, and let you focus on your customers and your business as much as possible.