Problems That May Affect Residents in Nursing Homes

Nursing home operators need to be extremely proficient caregivers as well as property managers. Unfortunately, even the most well-managed nursing homes may have to contend with difficult problems. Here are some of the most common problems in nursing homes that can affect residents’ quality of life.


Working in a nursing home can be very demanding, and there tends to be a relatively high industry-wide turnover rate. Understaffing can make employees’ job even more challenging than it already is, and it can prevent residents from getting the care they need.


Shared facilities present health risks for any type of in-patient population, but this risk can be greater for individuals who are elderly or have underlying health conditions. Inadequate cleaning policies and procedures may lead to the transmission of illnesses that can affect numerous residents.

Resident Engagement

Some seniors struggle to adjust to a supportive housing environment. Although many nursing homes put great effort into offering residents a sense of community, people may feel disenfranchised in their new surroundings. Feelings of isolation and lack of stimulation in assisted living may cause residents to experience declining health.

Ultimately, nursing homes need to be conscientious about problems that can negatively impact their residents. Some proactive measures can make a big difference in the quality of care that residents receive.