Managing Risks from Technology in the Classroom

Computers have gone from being an exciting novelty used in the classroom only occasionally to an everyday expectation in most schools. Unlike technology of the past, the internet brings with it a host of legal concerns for teachers. Here are two of the biggest risks it poses and how educators can manage them.

Explicit Content

Most parents at least attempt to restrict their children’s internet access to keep them from seeing violent and sexual content. While most schools have methods in place to block certain websites, students find ways around them. For this reason, teachers should use software that allows them to keep an eye on all the screens in the room.

Social Media

Teachers should not allow students to use social media at school because it opens the door to cyberbullying.  A teacher’s own social media site is another source of risk, because comments may be misconstrued. Educators should keep their personal pages neutral and never accept friend requests from students.

It is unfortunate that with new educational tools there come legal concerns for the teachers who use them. Educators must cope with this reality of their profession by protecting themselves in every way possible. The most important methods are to monitor student behavior and to invest in educator liability insurance.