Know When to Report Accidents to the DMV

Some states require that an automobile accident is reported to the DMV after it is reported to the police and to insurance companies. It is important to know who is responsible for DMV reporting, as it varies from state to state and is dependent on the details of the accident. While the police are required to file accident reports with the DMV in many scenarios, there are some incidents when reporting is the responsibility of the driver.

One or More Cars Were Towed From the Accident

Depending on the value of damages caused by the accident, a report may need to be filed with the DMV if one or more cars are towed from the accident. This can vary from state to state depending on how many cars are towed and how much damage is caused.

The Report Needs to Be Filed in a Timely Way

Even if police are required to report accidents to the DMV, their reports may not be filed for some time, meaning a delay in insurance claims. Drivers may need to file their own reports in order to complete insurance claims in a timely way.

Knowing the regulations on accident reporting can be tricky for customers. If you are an insurance carrier, managing general agency, or program administrator who wants to streamline your customer service, consider a rating service that will also provide DMV reporting.