Keep Employees Healthy With Proper Benefits

When you think of dangerous jobs, you usually don’t think of healthcare positions as being particularly risky. While construction, trucking and meatpacking industries pose their fair share of health threats, employees of hospitals and other healthcare facilities are at particularly high risk when it comes to injuries on the job. For those who work at independent living facilities workers compensation insurance is an important part of a benefits package, offering the assurance that providing quality care won’t leave employees without a job or pay.


Patients who live independently at a facility generally do not require high levels of care. However, when working with elderly populations, employees still are often required to regularly complete physically taxing duties such as moving equipment, lifting heavy items and working in strained postures. Staff members are also susceptible to injury during medical emergencies when a resident may need a bed transfer or require physical restraint.


Healthcare facilities deal with a variety of emergent situations and violent patients, all which put employees at risk. Without proper benefits an injury on the job can be a serious financial burden to a healthcare professional. When medical staff are in good health and are given the care necessary to perform their jobs well, patients will receive higher quality care as a result of a more productive staff.


By providing employees of independent living facilities workers compensation benefits, patients and business owners both stand to benefit. Employers should seek plans that include adequate benefits for their staff to promote the best working and living environment for employees and residents.