Insurance for Nursing Homes: Three Key Areas of Coverage

Seniors are becoming increasingly independent and active, spurring nursing homes to provide new opportunities for residents to engage with the community. This shift inevitable carries with it added legal risk for nursing homes. Insurance for nursing homes and assisted living facilities must take into account these trends in order to fully cover facilities and mitigate their liabilities. For this reason, nursing home insurance plans should cover professional liability, as well as automobile and property liabilities.

Professional Liability

Negligence, malpractice, and other errors are all risks that face facilities that house and care for seniors.
Professional liability insurance helps to protect facilities from these liabilities, enabling them to continue providing care.


With seniors’ heightened community involvement in the form of tutoring and volunteering comes increased travel, often via a home’s commercially owned vehicles. Automobile coverage can reduce the risk of these ventures and provide the opportunity for facilities to further engage their residents through trips and tours.


Finally, property coverage can insure nursing homes against many different losses, including property damage due to weather or fire, as well as theft. The particular perils that are covered in by given policy will vary.

Ultimately, professional liability, automobile, and property coverage constitute a firm foundation of any nursing home insurance package. Insurance for nursing homes and assisted living communities should for the most part include this coverage as a baseline necessity.