How To Find Insurance Coverage in the Staffing Industry

According to statistics released over recent years, one industry that has been growing at an incredibly fast pace is the world of staffing. If you’re someone who owns a business or agency in this field, then you might be seeing this kind of growth in a very tangible way. Naturally, this can also come with a number of setbacks. To continue to expand in a safe and exciting way, you want to take a step back and think about your insurance needs and whether or not you’re currently meeting them.

What Are the Main Risks?

The risks of the staffing industry have changed greatly over the years. Contractors in this industry tend to fall outside of the parameters of traditional insurance arrangements. This means that you cannot assume that a member of your team who falls under the contractor designation will be covered under your current plans for general liability or workers’ compensation. Learn more about the specific guidelines dictating your industry in order for you to see how to best protect your team. Other coverage points to consider include:

  • D&O policy options
  • E&O liability policies
  • Commercial auto coverage

What Staffing Policy Is Right?

The more thought you put behind your insurance needs, the more likely it is you will find the fit that works best for you. Review the basics of the staffing world and see how you can cover yourself against all major and minor risks.