How Commercial Drivers Can Become Trucking Owner-Operators

When you’ve worked as a professional commercial driver in the past but are now thinking of becoming a truck owner operator, it’s important to take a few key steps to ensure your business gets off to a smooth start. Here’s how you can get started with owning and operating your own trucking company.

Register With the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration for a USDOT ID Number

The first step to starting up a trucking business is to register with the FMCSA and acquire a USDOT ID number. This number is essential for owner-operators, as it’s used to:

  • Check for compliance
  • Collect safety information
  • Collect data during investigations or audits

Find Loads, Choose Your Equipment and Secure Thorough Insurance

Once your company is registered, the next step is to find loads to carry and equip your company with necessary machinery, insurance protections and more. Keep in mind that your necessary insurance coverage may depend on:

  • The type of freight you’ll be carrying
  • The condition of your equipment, vehicles and machinery
  • Your number of years of experience in the business

For commercial drivers, becoming a truck owner operator involves FMCSA registration, load selection, equipment and insurance purchases and more. By following this list, you can take the necessary steps to start up your trucking business.