How Coastal Insurance Protects Your Property

Few places are more magical to live than on the coast. The sight, sound, and smell of the ocean is an eternal draw, and people across the country have carved out beautiful living sites on widely diverse coastal properties.

However, coastal recession and related environmental concerns continue to affect major changes in coastal landscapes. Understanding the risks of living on the ocean, and carrying adequate coastal insurance, are essential for homeowners with ocean-side property.

What Environmental Risks Do Coastal Homeowners Face?

As climate change grows more severe, homeowners living on the coast must contend with unique environmental factors. These include:

  • Coastal recession, which is essentially the process of erosion resulting from sea level rise and severe storms
  • Property and infrastructure damage from severe storms
  • Long-term sea level rise, including saltwater pollution of aquifers

While some mitigation efforts are being made to reduce coastal recession and strenghten coastlines, in the long run it is unavoidable that coastlines will continue to change, and that hazards of oceanfront living will continue to grow.

Planning for this contingency is essential for homeowners and others who enjoy spending time by the sea. Speaking with an experienced insurer about how to best protect a coastal property is vital for financial stability and long-term peace of mind.