Get the Right Coverage for Your Yacht Club

yacht club liability coverage

Like any organization, yacht clubs need to have a comprehensive liability insurance policy. Given the unique nature of yacht clubs, though, it is important that yacht club liability coverage addresses specific risks. Here are some tips for getting the right insurance coverage for your yacht club.

Consider the risks. When purchasing an insurance policy for your yacht club, remember that your organization faces unique risks. Try to list your potential vulnerabilities and analyze the coverage you need. Remember, your organization has special needs. Be sure to think about damage to boats, destruction of buildings, and injury to members, guests, and vendors.

Find a maritime insurance agent. The only way to guarantee that yacht club liability coverage will meet your needs is to work with an experienced agent. In this case, seek out the help of qualified maritime insurance agent. Make sure that your insurer understands dock, flood, and activities coverage. Also, try to find a provider that can bundle your coverage into a single policy. This will save your club money and ensure broader coverage.

Yacht clubs are unique organizations and they face a wide variety of specific risks. To get the right coverage for your club, be sure to understand your risks and work with an experienced provider.