Fill the Gaps in Your Insurance Policy with Temporary Staffing Liability Coverage

Temporary staffing companies and their clients’ needs are typically ignored by traditional insurance coverage. While most coverage plans account for workers compensation and other potential issues, these policies do not address the unique issues created by contract hires. Temporary staffing insurance with specific liability coverage can help begin to fill in the gaps left by a general liability policy.

Fix Gaps In Medical Coverage

While a general liability policy is a good foundation for your insurance plan, it may not specifically cover bodily injury incurred by temporary employees. Under general liability, employees leased to companies are covered. However, those, defined as temporary employees, are not covered. Therefore, if one of your staffers is injured on the job, their medical expenses and legal settlements will be your responsibility. This could leave your company open to exorbitant costs and headache.

Cover Damages

Accidents and damages can be a frequent occurrence on the job, and many of your staffers may encounter these issues. However, when one of your contracted employees makes a mistake, you could very likely be held accountable for repair costs and legal fees, not your client. Temporary staffing liability covers you against damages that occur on the job.

Protect Against Errors

Because you are contracting employees out, you do not have direct supervision over their behavior or their work. Therefore, problems can arise when staffers make errors on the job, and you can be held responsible for these errors, leaving you open to litigation. Temporary staffing liability protects you against lawsuits and expenses resulting from employee error.

Making sure that you have full liability coverage in your temporary staffing insurance plan is an important piece of protecting your company.