Cyber Attacks Water Businesses Must Be Prepared To Face

If you think your personal accounts are at risk of cyber attack, you haven’t yet witnessed the ferocity of attacks against water businesses. Here are the cyber attacks that make you grateful there’s cyber insurance for water businesses.

Password Hacks

You may wake up one day and find yourself unable to log in to your business emails, apps, and other resources. Even if you took the time to generate a secure password, it may still have cracked under pressure.


Your water business can become infected with a digital virus that can deal untold damage to your systems. Once downloaded, viruses can delete important files, change your passwords, slow down your network, or throw up unwanted pop-up windows.


A water company can lose access to company information such as credit card numbers, databases, assets, passwords, and personally identifiable information about the staff. The company must pay a ransom within a typical 24-48 hour time window or else face file destruction and/or public sharing of personal information.

Water businesses are prime targets for cybercriminals, but you can take measures to prevent them or mitigate their damage. A suitable cyber insurance policy can guard against many or all of these cyber threats.