Cover Your Bases With VA Workers Comp Insurance

Workers compensation tends to be viewed among those in the business community as something of an unfortunate sacrifice that must be made to help ensure a business runs smoothly. Ideally, its something neither employer nor employee will ever need to use during their time working together. However, accidents and illnesses are a near certainty in every aspect of life. Having VA workers comp insurance can at least help keep everyone covered when something eventually happens.

The coverage extends only to those accidents, illnesses or injuries that are work-related. It does, however, extend beyond the physical workplace, meaning that work-errands or business trips are also under the umbrella. Coverage ranges from sudden accidents like falls to afflictions contracted over time like carpal tunnel. The system supplies afflicted employees with replacement income, paid medical expenses and vocational rehabilitation benefits. Workers are not the only ones covered in one of these plans, though. Its true function is to serve as a kind of agreement between employer and employee that the employee will be compensated for workplace accidents while the employer remains protected from lawsuit so long as he or she remains fair and non-reckless. The main idea behind all VA workers comp insurance is to encourage both parties to be as cautious and safe as possible while on the job so that everyone is able to come back tomorrow safely and in good health.