Common Home Healthcare Business Concerns

The demand for home healthcare is on the rise. Many people would prefer to stay in their home rather than move into an assisted living facility if they are able. It gives them more control over their situation and allows them to keep the comforts of home.

As the home healthcare industry grows, however, so do the risks involved with providing home care. There are some issues healthcare professionals should address with their clients to reduce those risks.

Unsafe Conditions at Home

One of the top healthcare business risks involves unsafe conditions within the home. The healthcare professional must communicate those concerns with both the business manager and the client or guardian so that they can be resolved.

Common unsafe conditions include the following:

  • Rugs or slippery surfaces that could cause falls
  • Stairs that present a fall risk
  • Furniture that makes it difficult to maneuver around
  • Poor hygiene conditions that pose risk of infections
  • Fire concerns due to persons who smoke in the home

Lack of Necessary Equipment

It is critical that the client or their guardian is in contact with their doctor and insurance company to ensure they receive the proper equipment at home. If a patient has difficulty walking, for example, a walker or cane should be recommended.

Home healthcare businesses can’t totally eliminate the risks of home healthcare, but with proper planning the concerns can be greatly reduced.