Auto Insurance Legends

According to the Ohio Historical Society, it was in 1897 in Dayton, Ohio that the first auto insurance policy was purchased. The first compulsory insurance law was passed in New York in 1956, and now, nearly every state requires a minimum amount of liability insurance. With these laws, many urban legends about insurance have surfaced. Learn more about auto insurance in Philo, Illinois for when you need it.

You’ve probably heard this, “most accidents happen close to home.” Ever wondered if the numbers prove it? According to a survey by one of the biggest insurance companies, 52 percent of the reported crashes happened five miles or less from the home address. Seventy-seven (77) percent occurred just 15 miles or less from home. Although the study has not been repeated, drivers are probably more distracted when they’re familiar with the roads.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas? Some people believe that when you get a ticket in your non-resident state, it won’t affect your insurance. While this sounds good, it certainly is not true. Information about traffic violations and accidents is shared throughout the United States. No matter where you’re driving, it’s a good idea to pay attention and avoid an accident or a ticket.

Talk to your agent about your auto insurance in Philo, Illinois to get the right policy that fits your needs. Ask for more information about your insurance so that you know what affects your rates and can manage your situation more effectively.