An Empty Rental Property Needs Protection Too

If you own and rent properties, you know you have to take measures to protect them. After all, that’s how you make money and damaged properties are not rentable. So you carefully vet potential tenants, ask for a security deposit and buy insurance. But what if the place is currently vacant? Surely there’s nothing to worry about. But even an empty building can be robbed or vandalized.

Keep Your Property Safe

Insuring a vacant rental property is always a good idea.  There are other steps you can take to protect that property:

  • Install a Security System – An alarm system along with video surveillance can scare off intruders and warn you of their presence. 
  • Don’t Let It Look Empty – Putting lights on timers to have them go on and off periodically can help make it look like someone is staying there. Cut the grass regularly so the properly looks lived in and cared for.
  • Ask the Neighbors to Keep Watch – Neighbors can be very helpful by keeping an eye out and warning you or calling the police if they see something suspicious. 

Property owners need to be vigilant when protecting apartments or buildings. This includes any that are vacant. Take the necessary steps to keep your vacant properties safe. Don’t forget to insure them.