4 Methods for Marketing Insurance Online

insurance web marketing

When searching for insurance, people often will look to online sources for different choices available to them in their area. While an obvious way to incorporate insurance web marketing into your plans is by including a well-made, responsive website, there are several other methods that can do heaps of good in bringing more attention (and business) your way. Here are just a few examples of methods that can be used for insurance brokers looking to expand online.

1. Social Media

Social media has only become more popular over the years. Creating a direct link between client and company, these types of websites can be humanizing for businesses and build trust. Posts can also spread easily, so making interesting ones can garner a lot of attention.

2. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

PPC ads can organically fit into a website layout, catching a visitor’s eye and redirecting them with a single click. These types of ads can be brought to specific users, reaching the right audience.

3. Blogging

Long-form content marketing consists of longer posts with helpful information. These can improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and be shared around if well-written and interesting.

4. Email

Randomly sending emails is not enough to grab attention, as it can easily be marked or personally designated as spam. However, this does not mean emails cannot be used for insurance web marketing. Messages laid out less like an ad and more naturally can be quite effective in encouraging clicking to a website.