3 Things You Should Do When an Employee Gets Injured

Workplace accidents account for a significant number of ER injuries and visits every year. Although you can’t prevent these accidents from happening, reacting to them thoughtfully can save lives and money.

1. Join Your Employee at the Hospital

If you can, follow your injured employee to the hospital. First and foremost, your presence signifies that you care about the well-being of your employees. It also, however, enables you to notify the attending medical team that this is a workers’ compensation case. This helps ensure that the hospital will thoroughly document information regarding the injury and its cause.

2. Inquire About Drug Testing

Notifying the medical team that this is a workers’ compensation case serves the additional purpose of expediting drug testing. Although some hospitals need little more than notification to test, others require official orders, such as subpoenas. Since drug testing is time-sensitive, the sooner you get started on this process, the better.

3. Alert Your Insurance Provider

No matter the cause, let your insurance provider know about the accident as quickly as possible. They can tell you what steps to take next, especially if the hospital denies your request for drug testing and leaves the burden of making those arrangements to you.

When an employee becomes seriously injured on the job, it’s easy to get caught up in the chaos and forget about logistics. Taking these small measures, however, can help prevent an unfortunate accident from becoming a legal nightmare.