3 Things To Know About Entertainment Liability Insurance

Working in the entertainment industry can be a uniquely rewarding experience, both personally and professionally. Contrary to popular belief, however, it isn’t all play. Due to the social nature of the job, entertainers often require specific insurance policies to ensure that they are covered should they find themselves on the other side of a lawsuit.

1. What It Is

Entertainment liability insurance protects entertainers if they are sued for damages related to the services they provide. There are many different variations and policies available depending on the specific industry in which the entertainment professional works.

2. What It Covers

Some examples of damages common within the entertainment industry include failure to appear or perform a planned event, failure to provide quality products or services, and failure to return or maintain borrowed equipment. It reimburses entertainers when sued for accidents that result in personal injury or property damage.

3. Who Needs It

Anyone in the entertainment industry can benefit from entertainment liability insurance, including performers such as singers, dancers, and musicians. Service providers –– including photographers, videographers, and event planners –– also qualify.

Since many of these professions involve alcohol, the risks of encountering unsatisfied customers or experiencing physical or property harm is more common than in more traditional fields. Entertainment liability insurance ensures that these professionals can focus on their jobs without fear of potential repercussions.